animals are part of the family

Your pet is part of your family and deserves to be treated well.  When they are under the weather, they deserve the care they need.  

Natural Care For Your Pets

 Pharmaceutical medications are very heavy on their liver and other organs just like it is on human organs.   Your pets are like us, they deserve the natural care.  

For Use in Horses, Dogs, & Cats

Recommended support for cardiovascular function, promote neurological health and emotional behavior, helps maintain physical stamina, for dogs, horses, and cats exhibiting stress, anxiety, and those responding to environmental stress. 

Shadow's story


How We Started

Our company was started all because of Shadow.  Shadow was a Black Lab/German Shepherd mix that was just 9 month old, adopted from a no-kill shelter in Denver Colorado by the company owner (me in the picture) in 2003.  He was a very smart, sweet, and kind dog that could sense my well being or not being well.   When he was  about 14 years old or so, he started having some health issues as most of us will experience in old age.  He suffered from joint pain, pancreatitis, liver issues, and canine cognitive dysfunction.  His joint pain became so sever at one point, he was unable to stand up on his own.  Along with his other issues, his vet hesitated to give him the medication he required because that would be too much for his liver and pancreas.  Vet gave him some pain medication with a warning that this might affect his liver as well.  Desperate I was to find an alternatives, I researched online.  Then I stumbled into a research article by two human doctors about potential benefits of cannabinoids for inflammatory diseases.  As I lived in a state where the cannabis is legal, I went to purchase some cannabis and baked my own doggy treats then gave some to my dog Shadow, that was late night on that day.  Next day, Shadow stood up on his own, slowly but without sign of much pain.  I was in total shock.  Since he had liver and pancreas issues, his weight went from 98lbs to 54lbs.  He literally looked like a neglected dog.  But after giving some cannabis dog treats, he started to eat again and was able to keep his food down.  His weight went up to 74lbs. His cognitive dysfunctions seemed to be a lot better too.   Later on in 2017 he developed an unrelated issues and he passed away in January 2018.  Now that I am having some health issues that has been transformed by CBD oil, I am  totally impressed with how cannabinoids work on animal and human body.  I thought I should share this with other pet owners and humans who are with some health issues.  

If you are interested in Shadow's Treats, please contact us.  The product is currently Patent Pending.



  • gastrointestinal tract
  • brain
  • lungs
  • muscles
  • reproductive organs
  • vascular system


  • spleen
  • bones
  • lungs
  • skin
  • parts of brain

CB-1 and CB-2

  • liver 
  • bone marrow
  • gall bladdar
  • pancreas 
  • brain stem

CB-1 receptors are mostly in the nervous system and brain.  CB-2 receptors are mostly in the peripheral organs, especially immune cells.



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